Training Session 3/6/2023
By Chief Thomas Farr II
March 6, 2023

The Town of Berlin firefighters train a minimum of 3 times a month. Regular training occurs on the first, second and fourth Mondays of each month. This past Monday, Companies 1&2 did their mandatory medical training recert which consisted of CPR, AED, Narcan and Bloodborne Pathogen Safety Training. This training is required to be completed by each firefighter every year. Companies 3&4 performed ground ladder and aerial ladder training using Cromwell Fire Department's training building. Next Monday the groups with switch topics.

All trainings that the firefighters in the Town of Berlin receive are at no cost to the firefighters. Many Monday night regularly scheduled trainings are instructed by own members. We also sponsor fire academy classes and bring outside resources into town for training classes.

If you are interested in becoming a Town of Berlin Firefighter or are seeking more information, you can email or contact the Fire Administrator's Office at 860-828-7173.